Incorporating Activities That Expand Their Little Minds

We’re in week #2 of our Home Schooling adventure. While we thought week 1 went pretty well and we seemed to have it all organized I didn’t feel that way going into week 2. Over the weekend we decided to go down to Lion Country Safari for my daughter’s birthday. It was also going to serve as an opportunity to celebrate her birthday and to curate a bunch of content to bring it back to class so we can learn

There are a million reasons why being a parent is rewarding. Seeing my kids grow is right up there. Today was my little girl’s 6th birthday. Needless to say we started the day late. We decorated the house and made pancakes for breakfast. The table was decorated with a Frozen theme. Once we finished breakfast and opened a few gifts they went up and started class. I continued my work until around noon. Then we tagged each other. I started

Day 2 was very interesting! Not the school part of the day. That went very smooth. The part that was challenging was that we had some contractors doing work on the house. So I got interrupted a few times during my lessons. That led to some issues with both kids moving on to the next part of the lesson and taking a quiz without my supervision. I left the room for no more than 10 mins and boom they were

  We did it! After talking about homeschooling our little ones for several years we finally took the steps and we started that journey today. We have 3 little ones with another baby on the way. My wife and I spent a good part of the summer and this year planning this out. It’s been a lot of fun and interesting to learn the process. It’s easier than I imagined, but then again the real work starts now. Our goal

2.2 billion. That’s the number of active users on social media. It’s easy finding prospects on Social Media, but it’s really hard to convert them into customers. The opportunity to connect with your brand is real. Implement a smart strategy and in time you’ll watch those connections convert into sales [maybe]. The reason I say maybe is because businesspeople have to understand Social Media Marketing as a sales and growth tool will take time to deliver results. There are several

We closed another successful chapter of the “Owls For Good” project at Florida Atlantic University. This semester we chose Best Foot Forward. Our mission was to take their Digital Marketing to the next level. The students got hands on experience of creating a digital marketing plan and campaign. Non profits receive over $20k in digital marketing and content assets. It’s a win win for everyone involved. Project by the numbers: · 16 weeks · 1500 hours · 38 college students

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Happy New Year! 2017 is here and there are thousands of conferences across the country available for just about every industry. What are your plans? I usually do my conference schedules quarterly, but this time I did the full calendar for 2017 back in December. Now that I’ve registered for them it’s time to finalize the flights and hotels. I’ll be attending 15 conferences in the US and abroad. The main reason I attend so many conferences is because I