Hey SMB’s – How Are Your Facebook Ads Working Out For Your Company?

If own a small business you know that every dollar you spend makes a difference. We all want to generate more leads so we can close more sales. There are so many platforms to choose from these days. When it comes to Digital Marketing Google and Facebook are the 2 main gigs in town. Since most businesses have tried Google Adwords at one point or another or building up their SEO so they can rank higher let’s take a look at Facebook Ads. I just came across this article on Business Insider that discusses the Facebook strategy for SMB’s http://www.businessinsider.com/facebook-targets-small-businesses-2016-7

According to Facebook there are 60 million monthly active business Pages on Facebook. Only about 3 million run FB Ads. Clearly, there’s a big opportunity for FB, but is it an opportunity for SMBs? The answer depends on these 6 variables:

  1. What Industry Are You In?
  2. Where’s Your Market?
  3. How Are Your Competitors Doing Online?
  4. How Mobile Are You & Your Customers?
  5. Are you B2B vs B2C
  6. How Good Is Your Website?

Our agency has done lots of ads and lead gen campaigns for SMBs and big brands on FB. The results are mixed. My conclusion is that it’s more of a branding opportunity.

Few SMBs have the capabilities to set up integrated campaigns with the proper CRM and staff to handle additional demand on the fly. My advice is test small for 90 days (say $10 p/ day) and track it using Insights and Analytics from your site. The most positive thing Facebook has going for their Ad tools is the targeting, their ability to build campaigns based on your target audience, giving you the functions from Power Editor like the ability to upload your customer emails then creating lookalike audiences and of course the 1.7 billion users that use Facebook. So go ahead and give it a try and figure out whether Facebook will get thumbs up or down for their Ads.