Lead Generation

In the past 16 years I've launched thousands of lead generation campaigns. Lead Generation is defined as the process of collecting contact information and extracting potential sales leads. The definition of Lead Generation leads me to the next point about what qualifies as a lead for your sales team. A Lead is an inquiry or referral about an individual (B2C) or organization (B2B) that is characterized as a potential paying customer. There are hundreds of methods to generate leads. Not all methods will yield the same results.

For the offline channels I've managed Lead Gen campaigns in Direct Mail, TV, Radio, Billboards, Trade Shows, Call Center, Direct Marketing to Referral-based. For the online channels I've managed and continue to manage campaigns driven through PPC Ads, SEO (search engine optimization), Email Marketing, Programmatic Ads, Affiliate Marketing, Social Media, Facebook Leads Ads, Twitter Lead Cards, Mobile Ads, SMS, Landing Pages, Inbound and more. Ultimately, a lead generation campaign can only successful if I understood the clients sales and customer service process. This is really important because many companies launch lead generation campaigns and fail to nurture the leads. Before you launch a lead generation campaign whether it's the vehicle is Call Center, Traditional Marketing campaigns or Digital Marketing campaigns you need to create a blueprint/map of how the lead (prospect) will go through the pipeline. The traditional funnel from Awareness to Conversion is no longer a model you can work with. You need to figure out where and how your target audience wants to be reached. Then figure out the touch points of how you'll communicate your value proposition. Clicks and calls are good, but ultimately that doesn't increase revenue. Therefore, you need to integrate the latest technologies for your sales team. Using CRM's like Salesforce will make that ecosystem work more efficiently.

My companies have generated over 10 million leads in the last 5 years alone. My approach to business has never limited me or anyone on my teams from working with any vertical or industry and market. We've got clients in industries such as Insurance, Finance, Construction, Legal, Healthcare, Automotive, Retail, Hospitality, Arts and more. We've done business in markets such as North America (all 50 states in the US, Canada and Mexico), South America (Brazil, Colombia and Argentina) Europe (UK, Italy, Spain, France, Ukraine and Germany), Asia (Japan, China, India, Pakistan and Philippines).