Marketing your brand and products is no easy task in the 21st century. Technology and Digital Marketing has exploded with hundreds of options for consumers. Not to mention you have to integrate to your offline Marketing such as TV, Radio, Print and Direct Mail into your Digital Marketing strategy. I've got 16 years of practice in this arena. My first marketing project was in 1998 working for clothing company. It was very simple. All I had to do was create the ad copy and place the orders with the publications. In 2000, I launched my first website. It was called This is where I began to learn how to create online marketing campaigns. At that time it was just banner ads and basic email marketing. I've also done Print & Direct Mail in-house and outsourced for a few of my companies. My Marketing chops really took off in 2005 when I started to learn Search Engine Marketing. The last 10 years have been exciting. Between Smartphones/Mobile, Social Media, Video and other technologies it's given Brands countless ways to reach their target audience. The challenge is getting noticed in the sea of millions of messages being thrown at your prospects. I help companies create Marketing Strategies that deliver can be measured and deliver results.